Message from our Pastor


Do you have a burden for the harvest? Do you know what this means?  This means to have a heavy heart for those who are lost and headed to an eternity without Jesus Christ. There are people who live in our neighborhoods and communities who need to hear about Jesus Christ and need an invitation to attend worship at Ridgecrest. 

There are people in our state and country who need to hear about the Lord.  We all have evangelistic and mission opportunities to touch lives through a personal witness and being involved in the Annie Armstrong week of prayer and offering (March 4-11).  What can you do?  You can have an impact on someone’s life for the Gospel.  Take time to read Matthew 9:35-38.  Pray over the passage.  Ask God to give you opportunities to live out this passage.  When He does, share the Gospel.  As the Holy Spirit sends us to people, we should go with a heart of compassion and with a burden for the harvest.  See you Sunday with your Bible, a friend, and God’s tithe.

In His Righteousness,


2 Corinthians 5:21